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Isli Hoxha is the person who’s designing this website to look cooler online — Isli Hoxha is me so i’ll be writing this in first person, even cause .. dude, I’m not famous 👐🏻
So here the story goes: born on April 16, 1997 in Tirana, Albania. At age one we moved to Italy – me, mom, pop, and the dinghy that helped us get there. (Gangsta style means of transportation😎) Long story short, I grew up in Italy from age 1 to 16, at which point I moved to New York.

While in Italy, here some important points to delineate: i took my first acting lessons at age nine at an evening theater class named Tetragoni. My mom had always been passionate about acting and poetry; she introduced me to the world of arts, and theater in particular. So after couple years at the Tetragoni acting group, I started taking acting classes at LO SPAZIO VUOTO acting school. The two acting coaches who educated me for about five years are Livia Carli and Gianni Olivieri. They introduced me to the Stanislavsky System. I remember we’d focus our acting classes predominantly on the the influence the center of our body has on us; literally the stomach area. There is where most of our energy is held, and released throughout the extremities of our flesh, muscle fibers, ligaments, nerves. 

Once i moved to New York City (February 2014), i started taking method acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. There’s something Lee Strasberg once quoted which stuck with me the most: “For a human being, too much sensitivity is very difficult to live with. For an actor, there is no such thing as too much sensitivity. The deeper the sensitivity, the greater the possibility for expression.“
In my free time i enjoy shooting and editing videos, which i currently upload on my new YT Channel – if you’d like to check my old YT channel there’s some original content i created while i was in Italy.
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Another interest of mine is writing blog articles: i’m a contributor writer at Thrive Global, which is a hub for the conversation about well-being and performance, of which AriannaHuffington is the founder and CEO. You can read my articles here. I also publish articles on Quora (you should check out this platform if you’re into expanding knowledge barriers) – here is my Quora profile.
Ultimately, and most importantly to me, I love my family. My sister Sindy is a singer, check out her music vids on her YT Channel; i help her by shooting the music vids, so there’s solid collaboration among all of us.
There’s a building manager i know in Italy who would always tell me: “Isli, alone you can go faster, but together we can go further“.
So this is quite my life: giving primary importance to education so that I can have more freedom of expression, and working diligently with the aim of fulfilling my potential as an actor.